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Dirty Talk Review / USC Visions & Voices

We had a great time performing "Dirty Talk" at USC Visions and Voices. Here is a thoughtful review on the show by David Garry from USC Annenberg Media.

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"Dirty Talk" at LAHSA // World Kin Show

We are so excited for our live performance of "Dirty Talk" at LAHSA (Los Angeles High School for the Arts) on April 27th. We will be performing again this year in the historic Cocoanut Grove.


We are so excited to announce our show, Dirty Talk, this Saturday, March 5th is sold out! You can still get on the waiting list!

It will be at University of Southern California as part of the prestigious USC Visions and Voices.

Thanks to Luis Alfaro and Shishir Kurup for getting us there and to the amazing cast Paul Turbiak ,Mark P Harris, Michelle MacedoMelissa Macedo, Taylor Fance and Tess N. Also, thanks to the amazing director Shaheen Vaaz.


USC Guest Speakers // DIRTY TALK // VISIONS and VOICES

It was such an honor be guest speakers today for a psychology class at University of Southern Californi on behalf of our theater company World Kin Ensembl. 
We discussed campus sexual health and our show "DIRTY TALK" which will be performed there as part of  USC Visions and Voice.
The show is based on real interviews of sexual assault on college campuses from students, advocates and professors. Days like these remind us why this work is so important and healing. #SexualassaultAwareness #CampusHealth #SexualAssault #TitleIX

Ambassador's Cocoanut Grove performance at LAHSA!

We had such a fantastic experience performing our show "Dirty Talk" for LAHSA at the historic Cocoanut Grove Theater. What a fantastic audience and productive talkback! We can't wait to come back! Check out our actors Melissa Macedo and Tess Niedermeyer in this photo! 


Check out more photos here....

USC's Visions & Voices selects DIRTY TALK!

We are so beyond thrilled to announce that our important show "Dirty Talk" is an official selection for the 2016 season of USC Visions and Voices.

This is a huge honor and we cannot wait to bring this piece to the stage!

"Dirty Talk" is written and directed by Shaheen Vaaz. 
Produced by Michelle Macedo & Melissa Macedo 
at World Kin Ensemble!

"Dirty Talk" // Cal State Long Beach Show!

We are so excited for our powerful performance of "Dirty Talk" at
Cal State University Long Beach!

APRIL 15th // 5:30pm // CSULB - USU Beach Auditorium
(Talk Back to Follow) 
This performance features Melissa Macedo , Tess Neidermeyer & Mark P. Harris

Dirty Talk- written and directed by Shaheen Vaaz
Produced by Melissa & Michelle Macedo at World Kin Ensemble

A three person show, based on live interviews, confronting sexual assault on college campuses.

"The Red Zone" TONIGHT!

This Tuesday March 24th, We are having our incredibly important and powerful performance of 
"The Red Zone".

This show is a three person theatrical experience based on real life interviews of sexual assault. It is written, directed and created by the brilliant Shaheen Vaaz and tomorrow's show will include Michelle Macedo, Taylor Fance and Paul Turbiak. with producer and actress Melissa Macedo joining us for the talk back afterwards.
Thank you and cannot wait to see everyone there!


Smith College Residency Article

"Dirty Talk" featured in American Theatre Magazine

Photos from Cal State Long Beach Show!

Check out our photos from our Cal State Long Beach Show!

Here is a list of our actors in these photos:

Melissa Macedo, Michelle Macedo, Taylor Fance, Tess Niedermeyer, Mark P. Harris & Paul Turbiak. 

All photos by Martin Ranger

Another successful show!

We are so thrilled to announce all of our exciting recent bookings. We performed the 3 person piece at Cal State Long Beach in November with some truly amazing talkbacks. Each set of actors performed the piece to rave reviews in front of college classrooms. We are excited to announce that photos from the show will be featured in the American Theatre Magazine in January!