World Kin Ensemble

A theatre company committed to challenging our conceptions of gender and power dynamics. We strive to give a voice to those unheard through art and theatre

Dirty Talk

"Beautifully directed by Shaheen Vaaz, Dirty Talk is a critical and vibrant theater project that addresses the important issues around rape on college campuses.  The cast has put their heart and souls into bringing forward these true heartrending stories to light with skill and passion."

-Marissa Chibas, Performance Faculty, California Institute of the Arts

"Truly the most purposeful and straightforward play I've been privileged to see."

- Student, Cal State Long Beach

"Now I feel more confident in speaking up for myself and other women. It opened my eyes."

Student, Cal State Long Beach

"Powerful stuff!"

-Andrea Hairston, Professor, Smith College


"My experience working with Shaheen on Dirty Talk was an amazing one. It was a week filled with ups and downs, moments of joy and moments of sorrow. But through all the hard stories that we read, heard, and shared I found myself left with an overwhelming sense of hope. A hope that even though sexism and violence are so deeply rooted in our culture that there are people like Shaheen who will not let the stories of the survivors of assault and rape be pushed aside—a hope that some day women will not have to walk home at night with their keys clenched between their fingers, a hope that some day rape will no longer be looked at as the victim’s fault, and a hope that colleges and universities will take allegations of sexual assault as Dirty Talk gives me hope. It is proof that theatre can create change in this"

-Ellen Gallos

"This show needs to be seen right now."

-Kimmi Linares, USC


"Inspiring, provocative, resonant, poignant and surprisingly funny."

-Annie Simons, Los Angeles High School for the Arts

"Totally needed, totally necessary."

-Dusti Laizure, Innovative Artists

"Well executed, entertaining and definitely relevant in today's college campus community"

-Student, Cal State Long Beach

"The play really spoke to me honestly because it really hit home."

-Student, Cal State Long Beach